Corporate Responsibility

Our mission is to power connections and empower change—to be a responsible global citizen and influence meaningful differences in the world around us. In everything we do, we act with a commitment to our customers, employees, partners and the planet.


Our commitment to the global community

Upholding the highest standards doesn’t just apply to our products and services. We’re passionate about operating sustainably and maintaining a responsible supply chain. Most importantly, we want to help our customers realize their commitments.

From compliance and ethics to environmental sustainability and philanthropy, we’re championing innovation and higher standards in our sector. 

We continue to drive sustainable operations–connecting communities through technology and fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce.



Empowering our workforce

We’re building an innovative workplace that has inclusion at its core and enriches our organization with people of many experiences and thinking styles. We want Juniper to be a place where everyone feels welcome and valued. Inclusion and diversity foster innovation and are competitive assets.



Making connections that matter

Our corporate philanthropy and employees’ generosity help to bring about meaningful change. Together, we’re building community and inspiring the next generation of thought leaders.


Quality Management

Quality that’s certified

Continuous improvement is key to building the best networks and highest levels of satisfaction for our customers. Our Quality Management System (QMS) has been certified by a third-party certification body.



Supply Chain

Responsible choices across the entire supply chain

Our supplier engagement framework guides the creation of productive, long-term relationships. We work with partners who support and share our values and business objectives.


Green Networking

Going beyond compliance

Our networks have enabled a digital transformation, but they're also one of the largest contributors to our environmental footprint. We believe the world’s challenges can only be solved together. That’s why we’re delivering products that are environmentally responsible in all phases of their lifecycles while empowering our customers and partners to act sustainably.



Operating responsibly, contributing positively

As a responsible corporate citizen, we’re committed to excellence across our operations. From complying with regulations and reducing risk to fostering pollution prevention and promoting employee involvement, we're never satisfied with the status quo—and are always looking for ways to improve.

Spheric building

International Trade


Trading beyond our border

As a global organization, we recognize the importance of strict legal controls on the import, export, re-export, and use of our products and technology. These controls—both U.S. and common controls, and those of other countries—extend to our suppliers, vendors, and channel partners.

Confused about compliance?

Trade controls are complex and can vary significantly across countries and jurisdictions. If you have questions about the export classification of Juniper products and can’t find the information you need in the Products Classification Lookup Tool, or you want to know more about our export control compliance policy, please contact our Trade Compliance helpdesk.

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