Jessica Cameron April 9, 2024

How Data is Reshaping Education

Jessica Cameron

BetterLesson Chief Revenue Officer

The role of data has undergone a profound transformation over the past two decades. What was once a collection of disparate data points has now matured into a sophisticated system of insights and indicators that shape the trajectory of student learning. As we stand at the precipice of a new era in education, it’s imperative to explore the pivotal role that data plays and how it informs our approach to fostering student success.

The Evolution of Data in Education

Gone are the days when student achievement was measured solely by lagging indicators such as attendance, grades, and graduation rates. All of this offered us an unconnected data point along the student journey to measure progress. Today, we have more data than we know what to do with, and educators are equipped with a nuanced understanding of each student’s learning journey. We can–and should–use that data to provide differentiation in our approach and personalize learning experiences to help accelerate learning where it’s needed.

As we look to the future for how we use data in education, our focus should be on how we interconnect the disparate leading indicators of success and the various strategies and programs we’re deploying to really understand what is having the greatest return on student impact, allowing us to funnel the most investment in these areas. We will achieve the greatest success if we use data to inform and track the progress of strategies and programs designed to enhance student outcomes. It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about harnessing its power to drive meaningful change in the lives of students.

Bringing a Data-Driven Approach to BetterLesson

Prior to becoming Chief Revenue Officer at BetterLesson, I’ve supported the growth of businesses across multiple industries, from government, education, B2B e-commerce, and SAAS. I started my career at the dawn of digital marketing, automation and attribution, and through this I learned very early on the value of data to drive business strategy, growth and investment. I also learned to fine-tune levers within that strategy, using data to consistently optimize by focusing on the key performance indicators that matter to the business, and aligning resources to build sustainable programs that achieve results.

At BetterLesson, our commitment to leveraging data is ingrained in everything we do. When we use data to fuel continuous development and improvement of programs that drive leading indicators of success forward, we create a flywheel of growth that lifts the organization as a whole and helps us prioritize the work that will have the biggest impact. By aligning resources, programs, and human capital towards a common goal of student achievement, we create a synergistic ecosystem that fosters ongoing improvement. Our professional learning programs are designed not only to impart knowledge but to instill a culture of growth and continuous learning that permeates every facet of the educational experience.

Empowering Educators, Unleashing Potential

Ultimately, our work at BetterLesson is about empowering educators to unleash the full potential and magic of every student, and the success of our district partners is at the heart of everything we do. All of the programs we build are in service of creating equitable, sustainable, student-centered teaching and learning practices that lead to real student achievement. Our work in a district is to help them build their own flywheel of success, with student achievement at the core, and a strategic and robust professional learning program that aligns all of the humans in the district to achieve the biggest impact.

As we navigate the complexities of modern education, one thing is obvious–data has the power to revolutionize the way we lead, teach, and learn. By embracing and utilizing a data-driven approach, we can unlock new possibilities, inspire innovation, and move towards a brighter future for generations of humans to come.