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Curriculum and Academic Content

Successfully implement high-quality curricula to build student-centered classrooms where all students can engage meaningfully with academic content.

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Supporting Educators to Improve Teaching and Learning for All Students

Switching to a new curriculum doesn’t automatically improve student-centered teaching practices. When educators are given the resources to strategically plan the implementation of a new curriculum with the realities of their classrooms in mind, these tools and curricula can enable teachers to build engaging, student-centered classrooms where all students are able to access content and take ownership of their learning.

Essential Focus Areas for Curriculum and Academic Content

BetterLesson partners with high-quality curriculum producers to help districts successfully launch new learning tools and impact all students. Districts can also choose to build a professional development plan that works towards building student-centered math or literacy teaching practices to enact positive change in every classroom.

Student-Centered Mathematics

Engage all students in math through creativity, exploration, and collaboration.

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Student-Centered Literacy

Emphasize student ownership of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

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OUR K-8 Math

Integrate the instructional routines and resources embedded in the OUR K-8 Math curriculum.

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IM K-12 Math

Support rigorous math teaching and learning through problem-based instruction.

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EL Education

Assist language learning through standards-based alignment, student-centered focus, and real-world contexts.

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Odell Education

Use the Odell Education Curriculum to equip students with the literacy skills and knowledge essential for success in college, their career, and civic life.

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Help students make sense of scientific phenomena by harnessing the full power of the OpenSciEd platform.

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Kiddom IM Math K-12

Support educators to effectively launch and utilize IM Math in Kiddom in their classrooms.

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Kiddom Open Up Resources Math 6-8

Support educators to effectively launch and utilize OUR Math in Kiddom in their classrooms.

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Bayou Bridges

Understand and implement the Bayou Bridges curriculum to build K-8 Louisiana students’ ability to meaningfully participate in civic life.

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Comprehensive PD Plans for Teachers and Leaders

Implementing and effectively using a new curriculum is a major shift that requires alignment from all stakeholders and a clear plan for success. Begin a multi-year professional learning program that’s designed to provide both teachers and leaders with the tools and resources needed to understand, implement, and continuously improve their skills within the new curriculum. Every PD plan is personalized to align to your district’s strategic goals. Learning opportunities are delivered in distinct phases for ongoing sustainable support throughout the school year.

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Work Towards Meaningful Outcomes for Teachers and Students

All professional learning should lead to specific and impactful shifts in practice for leaders, teachers, and students. Each of our learning experiences are tied to an outcome that can be observed and measured with data to support changes throughout the district. 

Teachers will work towards outcomes that create classrooms where students are empowered to make meaning of, and engage with, academic content by independently, continually, and cyclically building upon their content skills.

Both teachers and leaders will work towards district-specific outcomes to successfully choose and implement curriculum and learning tools that allow for meaningful and personalized student learning experiences.

The PD Pillars of Curriculum and Academic Content

All learning experiences are designed to create meaningful outcomes for leaders, teachers, and students. Whether it’s a Coaching session, Virtual Workshop, or online strategy, our team of Learning Designers create experiences for educators that are guided by these core principles:

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Focused on the strengths of all students and teachers to bring high-quality instruction and meaningful learning experiences while using the curriculum materials. 

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Experiences include both teacher and student perspectives to deepen understanding of the materials and effective facilitation of instruction. 

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Encouraging self-reflection and connections to existing experiences with instruction and prior curriculum makes the learning experience more actionable.

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Collaboration and Feedback

Educators should be supported with a positive learning community that honors personal context. Participants also need opportunities to plan and reflect together to create district-wide changes.

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Bringing Student-Centered Curriculum Implementation to Rutherford County Schools

Adopting and implementing a new curriculum is complex. It requires high quality materials for teachers and students, best-in-class professional learning for district and school leaders and teachers, and a commitment from leadership to go all-in to transform teaching and learning. 

Rutherford County Schools went all-in with BetterLesson and OpenUp Resources to bring the acclaimed EL Education K-8 Language Arts Curriculum to their 26 elementary schools. The transformation has been incredible.

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Successfully Launch New Curricula to Create Student-Centered Classrooms

Support both teachers and leaders with professional learning that gives them the tools they need to understand, implement, and effectively use new curricula and learning tools.

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Additional Resources for Supporting Flexible Instructional Models

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Number Talks

Start using a new strategy to support students to increase fluency by discussing and critiquing structure, patterns, and mathematical properties.

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Jigsaw Discussions

Deepen student understanding of a topic by allowing them to teach what they learned to their peers.

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The Learning Curve

Accelerate growth in your schools and stay ahead of the curve.