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The BL Lab

Transform your district’s professional learning with the BL Lab, your centralized platform to monitor progress, report outcomes, and access all professional learning resources and experiences across your district.

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Power Your Professional Learning Experience

The BL Lab is the foundation of connected professional learning for district initiatives. When all your high-quality PD resources are centralized in one easy to access platform for educators, leaders, and administrators, you close the implementation gap and ensure that district-level innovation truly translates to changes in teacher practice and results for learners.

Inside the BL Lab, participants join virtual workshops, engage with their coach, access thousands of actionable strategies, courses and resources, and track progress towards personalized outcomes.

Aggregate and Track All Professional Learning Progress in the Leader Hub

Inside the BL Lab, the Leader Hub provides Administrators with a complete view of district-wide professional learning programs. This dedicated reporting dashboard enables leaders to easily monitor and measure learning progress, participation, engagement, and learning outcomes across multiple cohorts and buildings.

Self-Directed Professional Learning—Anytime, Anywhere

BL Connect courses drive on-going professional learning asynchronously, providing instructional leaders with a vast library of resources that support differentiated learning experiences and the ongoing work of PLCs while empowering teachers to personalize their professional learning based on individual goals.

As part of every BetterLesson professional learning program, all educators receive exclusive access to our library of quick, digestible courses. Topics range from understanding new curricula to integrating social-emotional learning practices into everyday instruction. BL Connect gives educators access to practical, research-based learning opportunities to focus on topics that interest and inspire them as instructional leaders in their classrooms.

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Instructional Strategies and Lesson Plans for Every Educator

In addition to a huge library of 60-minute BL Connect courses, educators can use the BL Lab to access thousands of lesson plans, instructional strategies, and resources developed by our team of veteran educators, Master Teachers, and instructional coaches. These ready-to-use resources feature step-by-step guidance that educators can use immediately in their classrooms to supplement their professional learning programs.

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Connected professional learning starts in the BL Lab

Learn how the BL Lab supports measurable professional learning outcomes for leaders, teachers, and students. Start building a personalized professional learning program.

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