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Meet our team of 300+ expert coaches providing personalized support for teachers, leaders, and coaches as they implement research-based practices that drive positive student outcomes.

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Our Impact
95% of teachers say coaching had a positive impact on student outcomes.
97% of leaders say educators improved their practice through coaching.
94% of teachers would recommend BetterLesson coaching to colleagues.
94% of coaching participants are very or extremely satisfied by the support they receive from their coach.

A Scalable and Measurable Coaching Process

1:1 Virtual Sessions

Coaches help educators identify goals and implement research-based instructional strategies.


Our Try-Measure-Learn system encourages educators to try new strategies, measure effectiveness, and learn from the results.

Measurable Data and Results

Measure the impact of new skills and practices with the TeachFX app. The app records audio and provides real-time feedback to teachers on their talk ratio, open-ended questioning, wait time, and student equity of voice.

Educator Support & Improvement

Educators implement instructional strategies and work to master skills to create a more student-centered practice.

Recruiting Experienced Coaches

Our coaches are high-performing, veteran educators with expertise in adult learning across diverse backgrounds. Many of our current coaches are state Teachers of the Year, have pioneered new programs or curricula at their schools, led technology initiatives, or provided instructional coaching to teams of teachers. We recruit coaches with the following skill sets in order to create meaningful learning experiences for educators:

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Classroom and Leadership Experience

On average, our coaches have over 9 years of experience in the classroom and use that experience to guide learning in others.

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Content Area and Professional Practice Expertise

Our coaches have a deep knowledge of learning standards and practices as well as experience coaching across several content areas or grade levels.

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Ease With Technology

Our coaches have experience utilizing technology to enhance and improve teaching and learning. They have a strong virtual presence, bringing a welcoming, safe space for exploration.

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Our coaches readily embody the values on which our coaching process is based: failing forward, self reflection, and taking a “learner stance.”

Ongoing Training for Our Coaching Team

After vigorous training, all of our coaches continue to participate in ongoing professional development to reflect on successes, challenges, and new strategies to help their teachers succeed in the classroom. We create opportunities for goal-directed ongoing development and peer support for all our coaches across the school year. 

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Peer Support

Coaches engage in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) throughout the course of the year. The PLCs focus on topics such as mindsets, content, and virtual coaching. 

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Content Knowledge Support

Coaches have the opportunity to deepen their content knowledge by taking self-paced mastery-based certification courses. 

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Individual Growth

Coaches receive continuous professional development focused on both content expertise and coaching skills to review and reflect on both their virtual presence and subject matter content.

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