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Workshops to Build Student-Centered Classrooms

Drive district-wide change and align educators to district goals with workshops designed for both teachers and leaders.

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Professional Learning to Drive Meaningful Outcomes

Bring all educators together to effectively implement curriculum or work toward specific student-centered changes in classrooms and districts. Led by an expert BetterLesson instructional coach, every interactive Workshop gives educators the chance to collaborate as they work to understand key pedagogical theories, explore new strategies, and build an actionable plan for next steps.

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In-Person Workshops to Launch New Initiatives

Launching a new initiative begins with bringing your team together at an in-person Workshop to learn the new concepts, language, and foundational practices they’ll need to begin their year-long professional learning program. Launch workshops include both the teachers and leaders who will work together toward specific outcomes for students throughout the district.

Virtual Workshops to Differentiate Support

Virtual Workshops are a chance to tailor professional learning plans for smaller cohorts of educators who need differentiated support to enact changes in practice. During virtual Workshops, educators will define learning goals, deeply explore topics within a focus area, and build a plan they can use to immediately implement new changes in their daily work.

The Framework of Actionable Professional Learning

All professional learning should lead to measurable outcomes in classrooms. Every BetterLesson Workshop is designed using the Define, Explore, Build framework, ensuring all participants acquire a deeper understanding of the topic and develop a plan to apply new knowledge and strategies effectively for maximum student impact.


The workshop facilitator works with educators to define pedagogical concepts and develop a common language.


Educators work together to learn new tools and strategies as they build content knowledge within their focus area.


With guided support, educators create a plan with clear next steps so that they can immediately apply what they’ve learned.

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Job-Embedded Support for Both Teachers and Leaders

Build a professional learning program with differentiated Workshops for teachers, instructional coaches, school leaders, and district administrators.

Cohorts of teachers collaborate at workshops that offer targeted support for building skills that drive successful outcomes for students in the classroom and beyond.

Instructional leaders and administrators are guided by a facilitator with leadership experience to understand best practices for creating district wide change. They’ll also create plans to launch new initiatives and achieve the goals in their district’s strategic plan.

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Meet Our Workshop Facilitators

Every workshop is led by an experienced BetterLesson instructional coach. Our team of coaches is composed of high-performing, veteran educators with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many of our current coaches are state Teachers of the Year, have pioneered new programs or curricula at their schools, led technology initiatives, or provided instructional coaching to teams of teachers. Every coach goes through a rigorous recruiting and ongoing training process to ensure they have the background in adult learning necessary to guide educators to make real changes for students.

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“The Workshops are so engaging, high-level, refreshing, and fun! Any time I work with BetterLesson, I always get tangible resources and strategies as well as motivation to improve my teaching.”

“This was one of the best PD experiences I have been to. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and made me think differently about my practices. I know I have grown as an educator.”

“The caliber of the presenters is extremely impressive. Their energy, experience, and passion comes through in every session—and they offer practical, hands-on suggestions from their personal teaching lives.”

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