Give educators the tools they need to help students process information, think critically, and use evidence to solve problems to set them up for lifelong success. 

Focus Area

Accelerating Student Growth

The Phases of a Successful Implementation

Making shifts in practice to focus on accelerating student growth requires alignment across your district, support from all of your stakeholders, differentiated training for your teachers, and planning for success. Our learning plans include four distinct phases of implementation to support this change across your district.

Create a Foundation with the BL Lab

The BL Lab is where professional learning happens by serving as the central hub for your professional learning program. Teachers use the BL Lab to access learning resources, work with their coach, track progress toward their outcomes, and measure their confidence to enact those outcomes in the classroom.

Instructional leaders use self-directed courses to drive ongoing professional learning in PLCs or to enrich new teachers with a full library of research-backed strategies and lesson plans that provide differentiated support any time throughout the school year.

Administrators have a complete view of their professional learning programs and easy access to learning progress across multiple cohorts.

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The Phases of Accelerating Growth


Designed to bring your team together and normalize new concepts, language, and practices to accelerate student growth, our launch experiences are best done in person and include the teachers, instructional leaders, and building leaders that will work together to begin enacting these changes in practice.

Launching an Accelerating Student Growth Initiative | In-Person
Educators can articulate the shifts in practice needed to address academic gaps and unfinished learning across the school.


Teachers work with a coach, matched to their specifications, in order to plan lessons, try strategies, and measure the impact for students. Using the Try-Measure-Learn approach, coaches provide job-embedded support to help educators work on accelerating student growth and achieve measurable outcomes.

1:1 Job Embedded Coaching | Virtual
Educators work with a coach to create sustained shifts in practice aligned to target outcomes using our Try-Measure-Learn approach.

Assess Progress

Know what success looks like in the classroom, how to support teachers to achieve their target outcomes, and build your ongoing learning plan for continuous improvement. Learning Walks are a non-evaluative tool that helps instructional leaders identify and celebrate teaching practices that accelerate growth.

Learning Walk Cycle | In-Person
Leaders can identify evidence of the target outcomes in the classroom and in student learning.

Targeted Support

Provide collaborative learning experiences aligned to the change you want to see in the classroom. Virtual Workshops offer targeted learning in a collaborative environment where teachers set goals, identify manageable implementation steps, and create a plan to reflect on results for a sustainable change in practice.

Year 1

Introduction to Universal Design Language (UDL) | Virtual
I use UDL principles to design instruction that is meaningful and challenging for various learners.

Differentiating Support with Tech Tools | Virtual
I use differentiation strategies to accelerate student growth.

Making Grade Level Content Accessible to All Students | Virtual
I maintain grade-level instruction for all learners by prioritizing learning objectives.

Year 2

Designing Targeted, Individualized Tutoring Support | Virtual
I design high dosage tutoring to close academic gaps.

Developing Multiple and Varied Checks for Understanding | Virtual
I implement varied checks for understanding to assess student levels.

Providing Feedback to Promote Academic Growth | Virtual
I provide student-centered feedback that supports students in owning their learning.

Build a Comprehensive Learning Plan, Tailored to Your District’s Needs

The typical arc to implement a change in practice can be one to three years, depending on your district’s area of focus and size. Our comprehensive learning plans incorporate in-person, virtual, group, and self-directed learning experiences throughout the full school year to align with how adult learners actually learn. Our team will create a learning plan that is tailored to your district’s strategic plan that includes a mix of learning experiences focused on specific outcomes.

Focus on Achievable Outcomes

Outcomes are the connecting thread for all of our learning experiences. Each experience is tied to an outcome that makes the change in practice tangible and impactful for students and teachers. For Accelerating Student Growth, we focus on helping educators achieve the below outcomes.

Universal Design for Learning icon

Universal Design for Learning

Outcome: I use UDL principles to design instruction that is meaningful and challenging for various learners.

Grade-level content icon

Growth through Differentiation

Outcome: I use differentiation strategies to accelerate student growth.

Differentiation icon

Focusing on Grade Level Content

Outcome: I maintain grade-level instruction for all learners by prioritizing learning objectives.

“Providing teachers with opportunities to grow and improve their practice is so important. All teachers deserve individual attention to their development.”

“I am so ready to launch my new strategies and help close these gaps.”

“[Workshop leader] Paula was INCREDIBLE!! She allowed us to split our small groups into our teams/department which was a great advantage to us. We rarely get team time so this was extremely beneficial. Thank you Paula, your speaking skills and your entire training approach was fantastic and spoke to all of us in many ways!”

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