Support educators in using OpenSciEd to its fullest potential to help students make sense of scientific phenomena through asking driving questions, holding deep discussions, building consensus, and investigating.

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Our Publishing Partner of OpenSciEd Curriculum

BetterLesson collaborates with a publisher of green-rated Science curricula to provide personalized resources for the successful implementation and adoption across districts and schools, ultimately enhancing outcomes for all students.

OpenSciEd 6-8 Published by Kiddom

Digitally leverage the full potential of the OpenSciEd curricua to aid students in comprehending scientific phenomena with digital platform from Kiddom.

Learning Experiences

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OpenSciEd 6-8 Published by OpenSciEd

Help students make sense of scientific phenomena by harnessing the full power of the OpenSciEd platform.

Learning Experiences

The Phases of a Successful OpenSciEd Implementation

Implementing and adapting the OpenSciEd curriculum requires alignment across your district, support from all of your stakeholders, differentiated training for your teachers, and most of all, planning for success. Our learning plans include distinct phases of implementation to support this change across your district.

The Center of Your Professional Learning is the BL Lab

The BL Lab is the central hub for your OpenSciEd implementation. Teachers use the BL Lab to find OpenSciEd resources and lesson plans, interact with their curriculum coach, and track their progress towards their chosen outcomes.

Leaders gain access to a large library of self-directed courses outlining strategies for actionable student-centered literacy practices to drive professional learning within PLCs and give new teachers additional personalized support throughout the school year.

Administrators have a complete view of their professional learning programs and easy access to learning progress across multiple cohorts.

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The Phases of OpenSciEd


Launch OpenSciEd in your district with an in-person experience that’s designed to provide all educators with an introduction to the tool and allow everyone to take ownership of a successful launch. Teachers, instructional leaders, and building leaders will work together to develop a foundational understanding of OpenSciEd and begin making a plan to bring the tool into the classroom.

Launching the OpenSciEd 6-8 Curriculum (2 days) | In-Person
I use curriculum materials to drive student-led scientific investigation.

Going Deeper with OpenSciEd (2 days) | In-Person
I use curriculum materials to drive student-led scientific investigation.

Know what success looks like in the classroom, how to support teachers to achieve their target outcomes, and build your ongoing learning plan for continuous improvement. Learning Walks are a non-evaluative tool that helps instructional leaders identify and celebrate use of the OpenSciEd platform.

Learning Walk Cycle | In-Person
Leaders can identify evidence of the target outcomes in the classroom and in student learning.

Targeted Support

Teachers are matched with a curriculum instructional coach in order to plan lessons using the OpenSciEd curriculum, try new practices, and measure the impact for students. Using the Try-Measure-Learn approach, coaches provide personalized support to help teachers work towards outcomes and align teaching practices to support implementation and adoption of the curriculum.

1:1 Job Embedded Curriculum Coaching for Teachers | Virtual
Teachers use the Try-Measure-Learn framework with their coach as they work to achieve target outcomes.

Focus on Achievable Outcomes

Outcomes are the connecting thread for all of our learning experiences. Each experience is tied to an outcome that makes the change in practice tangible and impactful for students and teachers. For the OpenSciEd curriculum, we focus on helping educators achieve the below outcomes.

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Launching the OpenSciEd Curriculum

Outcome: I use curriculum materials to drive student-led scientific investigation.

“My BetterLesson coach encouraged me constantly and helped me work through setbacks on a regular basis. Her encouragement and positive outlook, as well as her understanding of real-world conditions for teachers, helped me to be more confident in my own classroom.”

“I was very nervous about this new curriculum. After taking this session it made me feel at ease and organized. I also became more excited to be able to implement this in the school setting hopefully with students soon.”

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Learning Strategies From Our Library

Building an OpenSciEd Driving Question Board

Generate, keep track of, and revisit student questions related to the anchoring phenomenon using a Driving Question Board.

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Happy school leader on video call.

Navigating the OpenSciEd Materials

Walk through a teacher’s guide, supporting materials, and unit-at-a-glance to develop an understanding of the materials, supports, and content within each OpenSciEd instructional unit.

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Teacher helping high school students with laptop and tablet

Productive Talk Moves in OpenSciEd

Allow students to make their thinking visible as they reason about complex ideas and develop evidence-based explanations.

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