Understanding the physiological, social, emotional, and academic impacts of trauma and adversity on students allows educators to better serve all students.

Focus Area

Trauma-Informed Practices

Phases for Successful Implementation

Shifting to a trauma-informed teaching practice requires ongoing professional learning for educators with a unified approach to community-learning, and enhancing growth and development for the whole student. Successful learning plans include year-round support that meet students where they are and recognize the impact of daily positive interactions and affirmations for students.

Build Your Learning Foundation with the BL Lab

The BL Lab keeps your professional learning connected. 

Teachers access learning, engage with their coach, track progress toward their outcomes, and measure their confidence to enact those outcomes in the classroom.

Instructional leaders use self-directed courses to supplement PLCs and offer differentiated teacher support throughout the school year. 

Administrators enjoy a complete view of their professional learning programs with easy access to learning progress across multiple cohorts.

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The Phases of Building Trauma-Informed Practices


Teachers begin their professional learning journey with one of BetterLesson’s job-embedded coaches. In a supportive, 1:1 environment, teachers and coaches determine what a successful trauma-informed classroom looks like. 

1:1 Job Embedded Coaching | Virtual
Educators work with a coach to create sustained shifts in practice aligned to target outcomes using our Try-Measure-Learn approach.

Assess Progress

School leaders observe classrooms through our non-evaluative Learning Walks. From there, leaders can support teachers in achieving their outcomes, while identifying and celebrating trauma-informed teaching practices. 

Learning Walk Cycle | In-Person
Leaders can identify evidence of the target outcomes in the classroom and in student learning.

Targeted Support

Virtual Workshops offer targeted professional learning in a collaborative environment. Alongside their peers, teachers set goals, identify manageable implementation steps, and create a reflection plan to ensure a sustainable change in Trauma-Informed Practices.

Creating Safe Spaces: Developing a Trauma Informed Classroom | Virtual
I cultivate emotional safety in my classroom.

De-escalation Tactics and Mindsets | Virtual
I utilize de-escalation tactics and mindsets. 

Resilience and Wellbeing Strategies for Teachers | Virtual
I use resilience and wellbeing strategies to build and maintain my own wellness.

Build a Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan for Your District’s Needs

Implementing meaningful change in your district’s Trauma-Informed Practices takes time. Our comprehensive professional learning plans incorporate Coaching, Virtual Workshops, and self-directed learning experiences for teachers. This scaffolded support aligns to how adult learners actually learn. BetterLesson designs your personalized learning plan to align to your district’s strategic plan – eliminating the frustration of scattered, one-off PD efforts.

Focus on Achievable Outcomes

Professional learning requires effort from all district staff. To ensure that effort isn’t wasted, BetterLesson connects every learning experience to an outcome describing a tangible change in Trauma-Informed Practices.

Safe spaces icon

Creating Safe Spaces

Outcome: I cultivate emotional safety in my classroom.

Learning community icon

Positive Behavior Systems

Outcome: I create a classroom community that allows all students to experience success.

De-escalation icon

De-escalation Tactics and Mindsets

Outcome: I utilize de-escalation tactics and mindsets.

Educator wellness icon

Resilience and Wellbeing Strategies for Teachers

Outcome: I use resilience and wellbeing strategies to build and maintain my own wellness.

Trauma informed practices icon

Trauma-Informed Strategies for Leaders

Outcome: I create systems that enable teachers to use trauma-informed practices to support student learning.

“BetterLesson acts as a thought partner and collaborator in meeting district goals. They have a knack for identifying best next steps for professional learning and coaching to meet staff where they are. BetterLesson uses data (both qualitative and quantitative) to be responsive and ensure the focus of the work remains tied to district goals.”

“This is my first year of teaching. My coach helped me establish clear goals for my planning and new strategies I can use for effective classroom management and student engagement. The evaluation helped me reflect on my teaching practices and identify new areas of growth.”

"My BetterLesson coach encouraged me constantly and helped me work through setbacks on a regular basis. Her encouragement and positive outlook, as well as her understanding of real-world conditions for teachers, helped me to be more confident in my own classroom."

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