English learners deserve differentiated instruction that will allow them to meet state standards, keep pace with grade-level content, and harness their full potential. Equip your educators with professional learning opportunities designed to guide and adapt instruction to better support academic success for the English learner students in their classrooms.

Focus Area

English Learners

Reaching Successful Implementation

Shifting to a student-centered classroom requires focus on outcomes and differentiated training for teachers. When measurable outcomes are built into professional learning plans, educators are able to track accelerated learning throughout the year. Together, we’ll set adoption goals and create an environment where English learners grow and develop in line with district standards.

Build Your Learning Foundation with the BL Lab

The BL Lab is your district’s hub for professional learning. When all your high-quality professional learning resources are centralized in one easy to access platform for educators, leaders, and administrators, you close the implementation gap and ensure that district-level innovation truly translates to changes in teacher practice and results for learners. 

Teachers will find resources, engage with their coaches, and measure English learners’ progress in the classroom.

Instructional leaders access differentiated supports within our library of self-directed content that can be used to support PLCs, new paraprofessionals, and educator growth that result in more student-centered classrooms and targeted student attention.

Administrators observe a complete view of participant’s professional learning progress inside the platform dashboards. Access data on engagement and completion of professional learning activities with ease.

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The Phases of English Learners Professional Learning


Managing classroom priorities and determining the right strategies for English learners takes time and planning. With a 1:1 Coach, teachers determine their goals and define success for their classroom.

1:1 Job Embedded Coaching | Virtual
Educators work with a Coach to create sustained shifts in practice aligned to target outcomes using our Try-Measure-Learn approach.

Assess Progress

English learners need ongoing support from their teachers. Teachers need support from their instructional leaders. And instructional leaders gather data to better understand classroom progress before targeting their support. 

Learning Walks help instructional leaders identify areas of growth and celebrate success for teachers with English learning students. 

Learning Walk Cycle | In-Person
Leaders can identify evidence of the target outcomes in the classroom and in student learning.

Targeted Support

Workshops offer teachers of English learners professional learning in a collaborative environment. In two hours, we set goals for English learners and educators, identify manageable implementation steps, and create a plan to reflect on results. Accounting for state language proficiency standards, educators learn strategies to scaffold their instruction and assignments in order to create a more learner friendly environment for students.

Unpacking WIDA English Development Standards | Virtual
Unpacking California’s English Development Standards | Virtual
Unpacking Texas’ English Development Standards | Virtual
I integrate English Language Proficiency Standards to support English learners with content and language development.

Advanced Language Strategies for English Learners | Virtual
I intentionally use language development strategies to support the specific linguistic needs of English learners.

Building Language Skills Through Problem Based Learning | Virtual
I design problem-based learning tasks that support English learners’ language and content development.

Designing Assessments for English Learners | Virtual
I design authentic assessments that measure English learners’ growth in both content and language.

Build a Comprehensive Learning Plan, Tailored to your District’s Needs

Every school and district is different. Implementing a comprehensive professional learning plan tailored to your unique goals ensures the most direct path to student and educator success. Through in-person, virtual, group and self-directed professional learning experiences, we’ll focus on the scaffolded support your teachers need to make the necessary transformative change in practice that are backed by target outcomes.

Focus on Achievable Outcomes

Outcomes drive BetterLesson professional learning experiences. Each experience ties to an outcome that results in tangible changes in practice. For the English Learners focus area, we focus on helping educators achieve the following outcomes.

Graph trending upwards icon

Designing Assessments for English Learners

Outcome: I design authentic assessments that measure English Learners’ growth in both content and language.

Learning opportunities icon

Problem-Based Learning to Build Language Skills

Outcome: I design problem-based learning tasks that support English Learners’ language and content development.

Stakeholder engagement icon

Research-Based Instructional Strategies to Support English Learners

Outcome: I intentionally use language development strategies to support the specific linguistic needs of English Learners.

Differentiation icon

Unpacking English Language Development Standards

Outcome: I integrate English Language Proficiency Standards to support English Learners with content and language development.

“I have grown so much as an educator in ways that I never thought possible. This took teaching to new levels and PD was targeted specifically to areas that I needed, wanted to work on.”

“I have become so much more confident in taking pedagogical risks. I was intimidated by many strategies when I began and blew them off because I didn't think trying new things would be valuable. By being open-minded, my classroom is a much better learning space and my students seem more confident in themselves.”

“Our BetterLesson facilitator was very knowledgeable of her content. She does a great job of adapting to the learners' needs.”

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