Principalship is designed to provide school leaders with the skills they need to positively impact academic success for their students, the cultural climate of their schools, and the professional learning and retention of their teachers.

Focus Area


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In the first three years, new principals need to develop their leadership skills. The Principalship focus area offers a series of learning experiences and supports that equip new leaders to meet the specific demands that come with serving as a building principal. New principals prepare for success within our distinct phases of principalship implementation and adoption.

Build Your Learning Foundation with the BL Lab

Professional learning starts in the BL Lab. District administrators get a complete view of Principalship progress inside the platform dashboard of learning metrics. Principals access learning experiences, engage with their coach, and track progress towards their outcomes. Try out self-directed professional learning courses for educational leaders to build on learning throughout the school year. 

Close the implementation gap and ensure district-level innovation truly translates to change in practice, by centralizing all your high-quality professional learning resources for educators, leaders, and administrators in one platform.

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The Phases of Principalship


Bring principals across a district together an an in-person launch workshop that will validate the current challenges being faced and explore various research-focused solutions to help mitigate them moving forward.


Leaders will be paired with an online coach of their own to learn new strategies and practice the skills they’ll need to make positive changes for teachers. Using the Try-Measure-Learn approach, BetterLesson coaches provide personalized guidance so that principals can try out new practices, measure their impact on teachers, and build a plan for continuous improvement.

Assess Progress

Leaders build their capacity to enact changes by understanding what success looks like in the classroom and use data to make informed professional learning decisions. Learning Walks are a non-evaluative collaborative experience that brings leaders together to observe classrooms, acknowledge student-centered practices, and create a tailored learning plan to support teachers.

Build a Comprehensive Learning Plan, Tailored to your District’s Needs

Comprehensive Principalship professional learning plans feature personalized Coaching and dedicated resources for new leaders. The confidence in standard one-off workshops has declined. Educators are not effectively achieving new goals after a singular PD Day. By scaffolding support throughout the year, our team celebrates your progress and provides participant data to prove meaningful changes in principalship practice.

Focus on Achievable Outcomes

Outcomes connect each BetterLesson learning experience to tangible, impactful change. For Principalship, we focus on helping new principals achieve the following distinct leadership outcomes.

Strength Based Leadership icon

Developing a Strengths Based Approach to Leadership

Outcome: I use strengths-based leadership in my practice and evaluate its effectiveness through ongoing reflection and refinement.

Equitable leadership icon

Equity-Minded Leadership

Outcome: I use equity as a lens to evaluate programming in my leadership practice, mitigate resistance as needed, and enact strategies to ensure equitable outcomes for stakeholders.

Professional learning community icon

Enriching Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Outcome: I evaluate the effectiveness of PLCs and refine PLC structures within my school.

Teacher evaluation icon

Increasing Trust and Transparency

Outcome: I leverage trust and transparency to maximize the use of teacher evaluation systems and tools to facilitate educator growth.

Well being icon

Prioritizing Well-Being

Outcome: I implement the use of wellness strategies in various contexts as needed to maintain my personal, social, and emotional well-being and guide others in doing the same.

Calibration conversations icon

Leading Calibration Conversations

Outcome: I use calibration techniques strategically to guide educators in using evidence-based feedback to facilitate self-reflection and growth in practice.

Educator capacity icon

Increasing Educator Capacity

Outcome: I use growth-centric tools and strategies to empower teacher development.

Retaining staff icon

Attracting and Retaining High-Quality Staff

Outcome: I use effective human capital management strategies to anticipate staffing needs, identify successors for key roles, and target growth opportunities for educators.

“Every piece of feedback that we've gotten from our principals about BetterLesson support is, 'I can use this, I can shift what I’m doing. This is not just theory but can be put immediately into practice."

“The Design Workshops are so engaging, high-level, refreshing, and fun! Any time I work with BetterLesson, I always get tangible resources and strategies as well as motivation to improve my teaching.”

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